Links: Thursday, July 14

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A few links for you today:

iPhone 4 captures guitar strings in action — TUAW
iPhone video from inside the guitar.  Check out the string oscillations with the iPhone’s rolling shutter.

How Can I Have Assurance of Salvation? 9Marks
Four quick points on how you can have assurance of salvation.  Not exhaustive, but a good start.

Rob Bell: Your Concept of Love Is Not Credible — Timmy Brister, Provocations and Paintings
A great post from the writings of Richard Lovelace, Dynamics for Spiritual Life, 84-85.

The Gospel and Baptist Identity: What is the Gospel? — Nathan Finn, One Baptist Perspective
A great read on how to define the gospel clearly from a Baptist perspective.  Be sure to check out his first post in the series, and keep an eye out for post number three coming soon.

That’s all folks!  I’m off to work on Hebrew for the rest of the night.