Sunday Setlist, Nov 13, 2011 #sundaysetlist

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Another great day of worship at @caryfbc!  It has been an incredibly busy week, and this one is looking to be about the same.  We’re preparing for the first performance of our Christmas musical this Friday night.  Yes, it is early, but we kinda like Christmas around here!

This Sunday night, we continued in our series on Philippians.  This week, we were in Philippians 3:1-11.  The title of the sermon was “In Christ Alone We Stand.”  These were the songs we included in our worship set this week:

  • In Christ Alone (Townend, Getty, #3350395)
  • Who Can Satisfy My Soul Like You? (Jernigan, #208492)
  • I’d Rather Have Jesus (Miller, Shea, #16653)
  • ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust In Jesus (Stead, Kirkpatrick, arr Cottrell, #4053835)
This week’s instrumentation included piano, bass, electric guitar, keyboard and violin.  This set was great for this instrumentation—especially the violin.  I love leading with this group of folks on Sunday nights.  They have a great spirit of service and are a very talented group of musicians.  I’m thankful for them and their commitment to our Lord and the church.

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