10 reasons that losing weight isn’t all fun and games…

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The last 11 months have been a long and grueling test of my willpower.  It has been a time of hard work, success, failure, tears (Hey, some of those cookies were awfully tempting!) and big changes.


Losing weight isn’t all fun and games.  It comes with certain, ahem…problems.  So, if you’re trying to lose weight, here are some issues you need to take into careful consideration before you get too far.

  1. If you’re like me and have a lot of weight to lose, get ready.  Nothing will fit.  Nothing.  And it isn’t all shirts and pants. You will lose weight from places you didn’t expect to lose weight. I have not only had to buy shirts and pants, but have also needed new hats, socks, shoes, belts, wedding rings (I’m on my third wedding ring and need to send my class ring in to be resized), watch bands, and a few things that should probably stay unmentioned.
  2. Get ready! Because your clothes will no longer fit and you likely can’t afford to buy multiple complete wardrobes, you will wait to buy clothes until you’re closer to your goal weight.  People will feel the need to alert you that your clothes do not fit properly.  Often.
  3. Also, be prepared to buy more clothes than you had before. I have been overweight my entire life, therefore, I have been hot my entire life. Now, I am always cold. I lean toward pants more than shorts.  I actually have long sleeve workout shirts.  My hands and feet are freezing!
  4. Shaving is painful. Suddenly, I’m finding angles and ridges in my face and head that I have never had to worry with before. When my face was fat, it was all smooth and easy to shave.  It was a rare day that I nicked my face or head with a razor.  Now, it is a rare day that I don’t nick my face with a razor.
  5. Uncushioned stools and benches hurt.  I no longer have built in cushion.  I am sitting on my hip bones! Ouch!
  6. On a related note, my mattress is now uncomfortable.  I can feel every spring, ridge or divot in the mattress.  Granted, it is time for it to be replaced anyway, but still, I didn’t notice this before.
  7. On another related note, the hardware that I have installed in my back is a bit of a hindrance as well.  Laying down on a weight bench at the gym is a perilous event.  If I position myself just right on an incline bench, that hardware rests perfectly against the lovely, purple hinges between the seat and back of the adjustable incline bench.  This hardware also has caused the need for a new way to carry my laptop.  My backpack rested right on the hardware causing pain.
  8. People will express concern over the amount of weight you have lost.  Nobody cared when you were in danger of having a heart attack after the next bite of triple bacon cheeseburger being washed down by a double chocolate milkshake.  However, the danger of starving to death or working out too much is too great to not say anything!
  9. And speaking of working out, since I have lost enough weight, my heart rate will not stay elevated during weight lifting, and in fact, I have a freakishly short recovery time.  If I can get my heart rate up to 130 during an exercise, it will be back down under 100 in approximately 8 seconds.  While this sounds like a great thing, it really isn’t.  I would burn twice as many calories if I could keep my heart rate elevated for more than 30 seconds at the time.
  10. Continuing with heart issues, my blood pressure has dropped low enough that I can no longer jump out of my seat and run for the refrigerator.  I like to think of it as a built in fat protection mechanism.  If I jump up and take a quick step or two, I’ll be laid out in the floor until my BP stabilizes.
  11. And one bonus: NO ONE will want to eat what you eat.  This is a good and bad thing.  It is bad because eating out and having meals with others is often problematic.  It is good because you will have everything you make all to yourself! Bring on the quinoa and zucchini!

Most of this post is meant to be humorous.  Some of these “side effects” of weight loss are things I never considered when I started getting serious about losing weight.  Of course, the positives outweigh the negatives, but I thought I would have fun with some of the downsides of being 123 pounds lighter.

If you’re losing, keep up the good work and share some of the weird things you’ve found about weight loss!

  • Matt Henslee

    To those who feel it necessary to share their concern at other’s weight loss, but did not do so during repeat trips through the pot-luck line, we pray to the Lord. ;)